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5 Cheap DIY Energy Fixes

The hot months of summer come upon us like an uncomfortable rash, sending us scurrying around looking for a solution. However, turning up the AC isn’t always the best option. Here are a few energy fixes and tips that could save you money and keep you cool all year long.

Get Comfortable at Home

Heat Wave
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Dressing down at home is just common sense. Change into the lightest clothing you can wear, and get cozy. It’s your house, after all. When you wear lighter clothing you might even think your warm house is a bit chilly. However, even if it’s too warm for you, you won’t have to drop the temperature nearly as much in short shorts and a tank as you would need to in thick jeans and a cardigan.

Common Sense With Windows

In the evenings you should keep your windows open and enjoy the draft, that is, as long as you have a screen. The screen will keep the bugs out, making the fragrant breeze a nice change from electrical drafts that don’t smell like fresh flowers.

As important as it is to keep your windows open from evening to morning, it is just as important to keep them tightly shut from morning to night. Day time heat can be overwhelming. It fills a house with humidity and a dense sensation of oppressive heat.

Just a Few Degrees of Comfort

By turning your thermostat up just two degrees you can save a lot of money every month of summer. Just two degrees makes a world of difference for your energy bill. However, two degrees isn’t much for your body. So, if you think you like your house at 68, kick it up to 70 and see if you even feel the difference: most likely the only change you’ll notice is the drastic drop in your electrical bill.

Choke Your Chimney Today

Make sure the seal on your chimney is good and tight, even if it means asking a tough young neighbor over to choke it for you. This overlooked seal often causes a large hole in your pocket every month by leaking cold air.

When the winter months are over and you’re sure there won’t be another indoor fire all year, then it’s time to seal the chimney. Make sure you have it done every year and you could save hundreds in runaway cooler air.

Check Your Seals

Along with your chimney you need to have every seal checked annually. Leaking window seals can cost you more than two degrees a month! By having someone scan your house for these temperature leaks you can save money all year long: in the summer it will keep the cold air in, and in the winter it’ll keep your house nice and hot.

For more information on how to save money on energy bills, check out your local energy provider’s website or popular energy blogs. Informative sites can give you tips and practical money-saving advice that will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

By making a few smart choices a day you can save yourself hundreds in energy bills. These cheap (and free) energy fixes also help the environment, so you can feel great about your contribution to a greener planet.

Guest Post by Jake Fisher

Jake Fisher is a freelance writer who specializes in Tech and Culture. When he isn’t writing you can find him in his urban garden, driving around in a Prius or riding his bike. For more information on how to save energy, grow your own food, or make anything follow Jake on Twitter @JakeMFisher


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