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Take Action to Protect Renewable Energy!

The war on renewable energy, brought to your state by big oil interests.

It is a time of growth and innovation for renewable energy across the U.S.  This is scares big oil companies. 

There are special interest groups that are making it a priority to repeal the Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) that have put renewable energy targets into action, promoting domestic energy production, national security, and U.S. job growth.

There are currently 29 states that have made the decision to require their utilities get a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources, including wind and solar energy.

The two of the groups behind these efforts are the Heartland Institute, a think tank dedicated to climate change skepticism, and the American Legislative Exchange (ALEC), a group funded by the big oil Koch brothers that drafts model legislation for state legislatures.  ALEC’s “task force” is a counsel that includes BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, and Shell.  

Under the clever guise of “Electricity Freedom Act,” ALEC drafts model legislation for state legislatures that will repeal state-required renewable energy.

According to a report by the Washington Post, the economic analyses ALEC cites to push this model legislation were published by Koch-funded research.

“You push the legislation to state legislators and then you fund reports to support the argument and convince state lawmakers,” says Gabe Elsner of the watchdog group called the Checks and Balances Project.

The Koch-funded think tanks have a strong history of peddling the false dichotomy that if it’s green, it can’t ever be economically feasible. 

The installation of new wind energy capacity outpaced coal and natural gas last year, which was partially made possible by these state standards.  Last year, the U.S. solar employment grew at a rate of 13.2%.  

Clean energy is getting cheaper with every year and now is not the time to strip away the renewable energy policies that we chose to implement in our states. 

Stop these special interest groups from imposing their fossil fuel agenda on our states.  

What can you do?
Take action today!   

Tell lawmakers in your state we should not repeal Renewable Portfolio Standards.


Author: Tom Jackson

I believe clean, renewable energy is key to the evolution of society as a whole. Solar powers our planet, why not harness it to power humanity? Let's power our homes, our work, and our vehicles with solar energy. It begins with raising awareness and encouraging those around us to go green.

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