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How much is a solar panel system for a 2,700 square foot home?

Everyday I get at least one email from a customer that asks, “How much is a solar panel system to power a {insert number of square feet here} home?” It’s quite impossible to quote you the size of system that will meet your goals without understanding your individual project site and needs.

People who ask this question to me have not done enough research and typically indicate that they are just starting to explore solar power. More than often I lead customers who ask that question to the solar power calculator since it helps them realize all the variables required to figure out how many solar panels you really need.

The following reasons are why I can’t give you clear cut answer to, how many solar panels you’ll need for a 1,ooo square foot home:

#1 – The size of your home is not as important as how many kWh (kilowatt-hours) per year. This information can be found your last 12 months of electric bills

#2 – Typically grid tie solar panels are used to offset your highest cost of electricity if your being charged on a tiered rate structure by your utility company. Solar panels are most cost effective if you use them to stay out of consuming electricity in higher tiers. Therefore not always do people purchase a system that “eliminates their entire bill”.

#3 – Your location matters, in particular if there is shading due to trees, vents, chimneys, other buildings..etc. You’ll need more solar panels to meet your goals if you have to compensate for unavoidable shading. Different places across the world have variances in the number of sun hours they receive per day, which has an influence in the number of kWh you can generate per year in your location. Also the orientation

#4 – what’s the intent of your solar electric system? Is it just to get started? Some people are satisfied to get started with a small solar electric system and then add more panels to their system later to keep the upfront investment of the system as low as possible to get started. The great aspect of a solar electric system it’s completely customizable to your requirements, particularly your budget.

I hope this post highlights the most important key points that need to be analyzed before you can figure out how many solar panel you’ll need. got any questions?

Author: Deep Patel

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