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products at Intersolar 2009, day one.

We’re here in San Fransisco at Intersolar 2009 dedicated to show you some products that we found interesting on the trade show floor. Let’s take a look at these innovative products that improve performance, installation and aesthetics.

Schuco Ballasted Flat Roof Solar Panel Mounting:

Installing solar panels on top of a flat commercial roof can be a challenge to not compromise the integrity of the roof since most installations require roof penetrations. Schuco displayed their ballasted solution that holds down solar panels on a flat commercial rooftops with nothing but a simple brick as a weight.

Ballasted systems are great for building owners who have warranties on their roofs but who do not want to void their warranties when installing solar panels. Ballasted mounting solutions typically cost more per watt and add more weight to the roof compared standard racking systems.

Canadian Solar panel with Clear Backsheet

Canadian Solar Incorporated is showing off a solar panel with a clear back sheet. The advantage of using a solar panel with a clear back sheet is light can still penetrate through the solar panel which makes this type of solar panel ideal for applications in which solar panels provide shade, for example a parking structure or canopy. The clear back sheet is on this monocrystalline solar panel is purely an aesthetic feature.

Kaco Solar Inverters with iPhone App?

Kaco Solar has rebranded to Kaco New Energy and has made recent improvements to their residential grid tie product line. I saw a display at their booth about an iPhone application that can interface with your Kaco grid tie inverter and display the inverter statistics right on your iPhone. It seems like more grid tie inverter companies are starting to bring inverter data to your mobile phone, which is a trend I expect to see adopted by other grid tie inverter manufacturers

S-5! expands product line for metal roof attachments

S-5! is a company that focuses on developing attachments for metal roofs, they started with standing seam metal roofs. They have recently created a new attachment product to work on metal roofs with a wavy design.

The convenient aspect of this attachment is it has a special adhesive that protects the installation from roof leaks by plugging the penetrations made to secure the solar panels on the roof. This allows you to install solar panels on a metal roof painlessly without worrying about a leaky roof in the future.

Global Solar Flexible Thin Film

Global Solar is leading the space in terms of developing flexible thin film solar panels to charge up electronic devices and battery packs. From what I saw at their booth, they are displaying a new thin film solar panel that looks quite different from their previous models. I did not get many details on the performance numbers but it seems like they are making design improvements to make their solar panels more practical than just charging battery packs and electronic devices.

There’s a lot of people crawling Intersolar this year, I think it’s going to get even better tomorrow, more to come. stay tuned!

Author: Deep Patel

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