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how much energy will your small wind turbine produce?

Making an investment in a small scale wind turbine to offset your electric bills can be a challenging task, for many customers the main question on their mind is how fast will the investment pay off? To find the answer, everyone considering to install a small wind turbine in their backyard should complete the following simple calculation to figure out how many kWh you’ll be able to generate per year.

kWh per year = [rotor area in sq. ft] * [annual average wind speed mph]^3 * 0.085 * OTE

The 0.085 number in the equation represents air density and the acronym OTE stands for overall turbine efficiency. The OTE will vary depending on the make and model of the wind turbine, the number can range anywhere between 15% and 25%.

I hope this equation will help you make effective decisions when purchasing a small scale wind turbine.

Author: Deep Patel

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