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texas school gets a 1kW solar power system

Minshew Elementary School in Texas recently got a free 1 kW (kilowatt) solar electric system to offset a small percentage of the school’s electric bill. TXU, a local utility donated the system to the school mainly for educational purposes. The grid tie inverter on the system includes web-monitoring capabilities through fat spaniel so teachers, students, parents can all monitor through the school’s website how much electricity the 6 solar panel system is contributing to the grid in real time.

Teachers at the school are being trained on how to use the solar power system as a tool to educate students on the science behind photovoltaics. TXU plans to give away more solar electric systems to schools, under a program they call “Solar Academy”, the utilities’ push to help younger generations realize the importance of conservation and energy of the future. It’s quite shocking that a utility would support this kind of initiative, wouldn’t you think so?

Author: Deep Patel

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