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solar panels manufactured by bpsolar catches fire

I’ve heard a few cases about bpsolar panels catching on fire on rooftops, today we add another story to the book. Recently, a bpsolar panel caught on fire in Germany on top of a warehouse. The faulty equipment was provided by BPSolar about 5 years ago and the owner of the building says the fire started in the middle of the solar panel array and spread to the wooden beams of the building according to the UK TimesOnline.

BPSolar and independent third parties have launched investigations behind the cause of the fire. A few years back, BPSolar made changes to their solar panels by replacing the junction box since it was overheating.

I wanted to let you know about case about the bpsolar panel catching on fire not make you think that solar panels are unsafe but to point out some brands of solar panels have a better track record than others. In my opinion, studying the history of bpsolar panels they are not the best manufacturer in the market compared to others that have a sucessful track record to performance and saftey. What do you think about BPSolar panels?

Author: Deep Patel

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