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Sharp’s seven shade LED light bulb

Can’t decide between a Cool White or Warm White LED light Bulb? Sharp’s unique LED light bulbs can be adjusted 7 shades so you can have the type of light that fits your mood without having to change the bulb. A remote control that lets you cycle through the different shades of light is included with the Sharp LED Light bulbs

A series of Sharp’s LED Light bulbs can be connected to a single circuit and can be all adjusted with a single remote control. The great aspect about LED are they have an efficient lumen to watt ratio and feature an extremely long lifetime. The energy savings combined with savings gained from fewer replacement costs make the return on investment on LED bulbs very attractive for places with high electric rates.

Sharp’s adjustable LED light bulb will be released in Japan next month, it’s unknown today when the unique LED bulb will be released to other markets. What do you think about LED light bulbs that allow you to adjust to temperature of the bulb?

Author: Deep Patel

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