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S-5 VersaBracket attachment for face-fastened metal roofs

How would you mount solar panels on a face-fastened metal roof? The process is quite simple with the VersaBracket, a new metal roof attachment from S-5! A company that specializes in manufacturing attachment solutions that allow solar panels to be mounted onto unique metal roofs. S-5! developed the VersaBracket to handle a load of up to 1,283 pounds, a significant increase over previous models of the attachement.

Even though the VersaBracket is designed to provide a strong, versatile and low-cost bracket option, it’s very easy to use solution. The VersaBracket comes with factory-applied sealant already in the base to waterproof its attachment, peel the release paper from the base and tighten fasteners through the pre-punched holes. The factory-applied sealant removes the chance of roof leaks, which is typically a major concern when installing solar panels onto a rooftop.

Author: Deep Patel

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