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windbuster by seabenergy

Check out the Windbuster, a vertical access wind turbine manufactured by by SEaB, a company based out of the U.K. In addition to operating very quietly compared to traditional horizontal axis wind turbines, the best advantage of the Windbuster is the unique design collects wind from all directions which allows you to generate more power for your home, small business or school.

The 5kW (kilowatt) wind turbine is composed of recycled plastic and can be grid connected to offset your electric bill. Multiple Windbusters can be combined together to generate more kWhs (kilowatt-hours) but must be installed at least 11 feet apart. The Windbuster can be mounted either on the roof or the ground due to its small size and lightweight nature of the product. At 9 MPH (miles per hour) average wind speeds the Windbuster could produce 2600 kWh on an annual basis. I posted the power curve of the Windbuster below, what do you think about this cool looking small scale wind turbine?

Author: Deep Patel

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