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top 3 reasons to buy a complete solar pv kit

If your considering to install a solar electric system for customers or your own home then the process of figuring out all the various components of a solar electric system could be like a complex jig saw puzzle. Similar to your computer system, which includes the CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse…etc A solar electric system is composed of various components then just the solar panels. Many people prefer to solar power kits to make the procurement process less complex. The top three advantages of purchasing a complete kit are:

1. less engineering required – the various components that make up a solar power system are carefully matched and packaged together to meet safety and performance standards. The only aspect the installer has to check into is make sure the ambient temperature of the grid tie inverter that is including in the kit falls within the rage of the historic lowest and highest temperatures in the installation location.

2. documentation provided – before you can install a grid tie solar electric system, you must obtain a building permit for your city. Generally they will ask you for electrical and/or mechanical drawings before they can approve the permit. Complete solar electric systems include the drawings you need to obtain your permits.

3. Simplicity – If you were to piece together an entire solar electric system on your own, especially for the first time it could be very time consuming and overwhelming. solar pv kits provide you convenience of saving time and frustration.

What do you think about complete solar electric systems? Do you think they make the solar installation process less complex?

Author: Deep Patel

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