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thin film solar, the Xunlight way

Anja Atkinson, a community member, recently started a discussion about thin film solar panels so I figured it’s perfect timing to write about a company called Xunlight and their thin film solar products. Last week Xunlight announced a successful demo of their wide roll to roll manufacturing process. What the heck does that mean? Well typically traditional crystalline silicon solar panel require an intense manufacturing process which adds to cost of solar panels.

Thin film’s lower cost compared to crystalline solar cells is achieved by a simpler roll to roll manufacturing process which allows Xunlight to produce thin film solar cells on rolls of thin stainless steel substrates, three feet wide and up to one mile long. Xunlight’s unique manufacturing process only uses a small amount of silicon which also helps reduce the cost of solar panels. What do you think about thin film solar and Xunlight’s roll to roll manufacturing process?

Author: Deep Patel

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