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the first windspire vertical wind axis turbine

Mariah Power, the manufacturer of a unique vertical axis wind turbines called the Windspire is celebrating their first verticle axis wind turbine product to be rolled off the production line at their newly retrofitted manufacturing plant in Manistee, Michigan. The Windspire is completely manufactured in the USA and can be applied to homes, businesses and governments who want to harness the power of the wind.

This is a historic event for Michigan, since the state once a leader in manufacturing sector due to the robust US automobile industry which now struggling due to the Big Three automakers in financial trouble. Mariah Power is changing the game in Michigan by creating jobs and a product that will help America stay competitive. The milestone marks a period in which Mariah Power will be able to scale up their manufacturing operations and offer the lowest cost, ultra quiet, simple to install 1kW (kilowatt) wind turbine in the US market.

What do you think about the Windspire? Do you think vertical axis wind turbines are a good idea?

Author: Deep Patel

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