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grid tie wind turbine without the inverter

small scale wind turbines are great in areas with at least 10 MPH average wind speeds, the process of installing a grid tie wind turbine has become a tad easier with Endurance Wind Power S-Series 5kW “direct to grid” wind turbine. The cool part about this wind turbine is it does not need an inverter to turn the DC into AC (the power type compatible) with the grid since the wind turbine itself outputs in AC power.

Based on the wind speeds in your area, tower height and project site a S-Series 5kW wind turbine can produce 8,000-16,000 kWh (kilowatt-hours) per year. Since the wind power system does not have an inverter increases the efficiency of the overall system.

The Induction generator gives the 5kW wind turbine the ability to produce grid-compatible power right out of the box. Inverterless wind power systems are more reliable and cost less because the system is composed with less parts. The Endurance S-250 is different from any other small wind turbine on the market today.

Author: Deep Patel

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