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avoid air turbulence, get the most out of your wind turbine

Are you considering a small scale wind turbine system for your home or business? Well if you are, finding a proper place to install your wind turbine is critical for you to maximize on your energy harvest from your investment. Small scale wind turbines such as the Skystream 3.7
in general require at least a 20 foot of clearance from surrounding trees or structures in the area.

If the height of your tower is lower than your surroundings then you will experience decreased performance out of your wind power system since the trees and buildings in the immediate area can block the flow of air that hits your wind turbine. Many times, inexperienced customers want to install wind turbines but they’re not aware of the effect trees or other obstacles in the vicinity can have on the return on investment on their wind power system.

Typically, a taller tower will generate more energy, although the higher the tower height, the more it’s going to cost to install and it maybe difficult to acquire a building permit from your city. What do you think is the most optimal tower height for a wind turbine?

Author: Deep Patel

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