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Sharp Solar Outdoor LED Lighting

Sharp has recently announced they will offer ten solar led outdoor lighting, a new product line which work by storing the solar power generated during the day into a battery which runs a high efficiency LED bulb when the sun goes down. These security lights by Sharp Solar, keeps needed outdoor lights off the grid which will result on tons of carbon emissions being consumed in the future if more people invest into solar LED lighting.

The company claims the LED bulbs inside their product line has a 30% higher luminous efficiency and a special bulb design which spreads the light into a broader footprint. Sharp will offer the solar powered security lights in both top of pole mount and side of pole mounted solutions.

I have noticed more products are coming out on the market that are pairing up LEDs with solar panels, the Sharp security lights are a great example of how using solar panels on a small scale can help save money and reduce carbon emissions consecutively. Commercial lighting , especially security lighting is often a large cost on an electric bill since most of them have inefficient old lighting technology.

What do you think about outdoor lighting that combines solar panels with high efficiency lighting? Would you be interested in using solar panels to power your outdoor lighting?

Author: Deep Patel

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