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building integrated wind energy

Architectural Wind is a new term we came across at renewable energy world 2009. AeroVironment has developed a rooftop wind turbine called the AVX1000 which is designed for quick and easy installation on top of concrete tilt up wind turbines. The wind turbines bolt right onto the parapet wall of the building. The advantages of using this type of mounting is that it avoids not only costly towers associated with traditional wind turbines but also eliminates the need for roof penetrations.

Each AVX1000 building integrated wind turbine weighs approximately 130 pounds and at an average wind speed of 30 MPH the AVX1000 can produce up to 1,000 watts of power. The picture above shows an array of AXV1000 building integrated wind turbines on the Logan International Airport in Boston. These wind energy systems are completely scalable, meaning you can continue to add capacity to the system in the future. What do you think about wind energy systems that can be easily integrated into buildings?

Author: Deep Patel

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