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6 new york utilities improve net metering policy

On Thursday, the NY State Public Service Commission made changes to the net-metering policies of six investor owned utility companies to encourage more homes and businesses to install solar panels or wind turbines to generate clean electricity.

The term net-metering, means an agreement with your utility company that specifies the terms of what type and size of clean energy system you can connect to the grid and the value of the credit you will receive for every kilowatt-hour (kWh) from your utility company.

The Central Hudson Gas and Electric Corporation, Orange and Rockland Utilities and New York State Electric and Gas Corporation will allow customers to sell back clean electricity generated at retail value. The changes included allowing non-residential entities to benefit from the net-metering policies and also increase the limit to 25 KW from 10 KW for residential solar power systems.

These changes allow more people to participate, which encourages the community to support clean energy thus helping our country become more energy independent and provides new opportunities to create local jobs here in the US. What do you think about net-metering policies in general? How do you think we can get more people to contribute to the grid versus being a liability to it?

Author: Deep Patel

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