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Scott Weitzman of was keeping me updated about some of the interesting information he learned about the solar power industry at the Solar Innovations & Investment conference going on in New York today and tomorrow. According to Scott, many stock analysts are looking bearish on solar stocks. Do you agree with the analysts?

The financial markets have also hit the solar business and since prices of solar panels will fall next year, the industry is predicted to make less margins per transaction, possibly squeezing the smaller solar companies out of business. What’s your opinon? Investment bankers think there will be less solar IPOs in the short term because of our current economic conditions. What do you think?

With all the doom and gloom, will that stop customers from buying solar power systems next year? I think many people and companies will install solar panels, wind turbines because they will be a safer investment then the stock market itself. Will money from people’s sinking 401ks end up going into a more safe investment, such as clean energy systems on roof tops?

Author: Deep Patel

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