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how will you mount your solar array?

Today, I wanted to discuss the most popular methods people use to mount solar panels to create clean electricity.

Roof Mount:

Mounting solar panels on the roof with racking is the most common way people install solar panels for their home. In this type of setup solar panels are supported by a metal frame which is set at a predetermined pitch. A roof rack mounted solar array is bolted into the roof’s structural members. Roof rack mounting systems such as the UniRac Solar Mount are adjustable, so you can change the pitch of the panels to cater to the changing seasons. The clamps that hold down solar panels to the racking systems are typically available for most solar panel brands.

Ground Mount:

Ground mounted solar is definitely easier to clean since its more accessible than the roof obviously. Another advantage of installing a solar array on the ground versus the roof is that you won’t compromise the integrity of the roof on your home. Although before a ground mounted array can be installed local weather conditions and soil load bearing capacity should be measured to make sure the project site is safe to install a ground mounted array. Ground mounted systems require structural strength to avoid load bearing failure. Ground mounted support structures can be purchased, UniRac makes a ground mount kit or they can be fabricated by people with trade skills. Local building codes must be analyzed before you start your ground mounted array project.

Pole Mount:

A pole mount is typically considered when installed solar panels on a building is not an option. Solar arrays can be mounted on top of a pole by using special hardware that bolts on solar panels onto a vertical pole. The benefits of a pole mount is you can seasonally adjust the solar array to increase the systems performance through the year. The thickness / diameter of the pole will be based on the size of the array on top of the pole itself. Similar to a ground mount solar array soil types wind speeds, and building codes must be taken into consideration before installing a pole mounted solar electric system.

Author: Deep Patel

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