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Batteries designed for Renewable Energy

Trojan Battery Company, a popular battery manufacturer has recently introduced their RE series batteries specially designed for renewable energy systems. Traditionally people who deploy battery based solar power or wind turbine systems use standard deep cycle batteries. Trojan built upon their standard deep cycle battery and designed it for renewable energy, the RE series based batteries offers the following features:

Duragrid – 10 year lifespan, high charge efficiency.

Maxguard XL – durable, extended life, low maintenance,

Alpha Plus – optimal performance, optimal performance.

Polyon – rugged case design stands up to harsh environments.

The RE series is offered in 2 volt and 6 volt sizes and is backed by a 7 year international warranty. It’s great to see batteries that are specifically designed for renewable energy because many times people hook up standard lead acid batteries that require high maintenance and have short lifespans.

Author: Deep Patel

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