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NegaWatts save you money.

Want to lower your electric bills? Well, lets start by understanding the term”Negawatt”, I promise this is going to be worth your time because you’ll save thousands of dollars during your lifetime on electric expenses if you can wrap your mind around the concept. Negawatt power is a term promoted and introduced by Amory Lovins of The Rocky Mountain Institute means investing in energy efficiencies to reduce electrical consumption rather then investing in extra generation capacity can actually support the growth of electric supply by improving the efficiencies of appliances, homes or businesses rather then constructing a new power plant. In simple terms it means by saving energy, we create a “virtual power plant “, thus not having to create a new power plant to increase electrical supply. The reduction in electrical demand is called a Negawatt

For example, If the World banned all incandescent light bulbs (which are very inefficient) and only sold LED light bulbs, which is high efficient lighting, it would create a significant increase in our power supply because the demand would significantly drop. The world would create Negawatts of electricity without creating a new power plant!

Taking this theory into practice in your own home or business, its always more affordable to “reduce then produce”. Solar Panels typically have a high upfront cost, but you could buy less solar panels to cover your electrical generation needs If you focused on Negawatts, energy efficiency first. There are tons of projects you can do everything from fixing the air leaks, better insulation, LED lighting, programming your thermostat, and even conducting a do-it-yourself energy audit. Producing Negawatts could be as simple as making a life style change such as developing a habit to turn the lights off when you leave the room. Please share some methods of how you produce Negawatts…

Author: Deep Patel

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