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Sanyo Introduces New HIT Solar Panel

Sanyo Energy a leader in manufacturing high efficiency solar panels released a new Power Series solar panel featuring Sanyo’s HIT technology. The new technological improvements includes higher light to electricity conversion efficiency, less vulnerability to high temperatures and improved solar panel construction make the Sanyo HIT power panels among the most efficient solar panels out on the market today. According to Yoshinori Kaido, Vice President of Sanyo’s Solar Division,

“With the new HIT Power® series, we will be able to provide more solar power generation per square foot, and flexibility in varying environments, including areas with high monthly average temperatures. With a more robust design and other improvements, such as adaptations to allow easier and cleaner installation, the new series will benefit any involved in the installation, especially people in areas with performance based incentives, renewable energy credits and those seeking a quick return on their investment.”

The acronym HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer, the Sanyo solar cells are hybrid made up of single crystalline silicon wafers surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, this unique structure of the solar cell produces highly efficient solar cells capable of reaching 22.3% light conversion efficiency. Customers generate more watts per square foot when they choose Sanyo solar panels. The new HIT Power Series limited warranty has been upgraded from 2 to 5 years! Sanyo HIT Solar panels also perform 10% better compared to other panels in temperatures over 75 degrees, thus generating more kWh (kilowatt hours) year round in warmer geographical locations.

SANYO’s HIT Power series new features:

  • Improved performance in hot temperature areas
  • Easier installation
  • More robust with new frame structure
  • Dual ground hole options
  • New wire management features
  • Additional mounting holes
  • 5 year limited product workmanship warranty
  • Higher solar panel efficiency
  • Increased static load capability of 60PSF
  • MC4 locking connectors for added safety
  • USE2 cables with more insulation for added safety
  • Frame height permitting interchangeable clips

Author: Deep Patel

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