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Phoenix Suns teams up with solar panels

The Phoenix Suns announced yesterday at a press conference with Kevin Nash that the organization will be supporting solar power by installing 1,125 Suntech Solar Panels at the US Airways Center. The 194 kW (kilowatt) system will be installed next spring on the fifth level of the parking garage. The Arizona utility, APS will provide financial incentives through the renewable energy incentive program. The solar power system will be grid tied, meaning it will provide excess electricity back into the grid to help the community during peak hours and also help the Sun’s hedge against the raising cost of electricity.

The Architect’s model of the proposed solar power system which will produce enough electricity for 26 games. The system is projected to cost 1.5 million dollars. This is going to be a great example how solar power can be used to power a large user who needs reliable power. We hope that the Sun’s promote the project to the thousands of fans that attend the US Airways every year. People idolize sports teams and we feel this project is a great way to get more people introduced to solar power. Maybe people will notice the solar power system when they’re watching the Suns and consider solar panels as an option for their home or business.

Author: Deep Patel

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