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A thought about solar energy on Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day! I hope everyone out there had a memorable weekend. Like millions of Americans I fired up the grill today, while cleaning the BBQ grill with my garden hose I noticed that the temperature of the water spraying out of the hose was hot since the garden hose had been baking in the Southern California sun. The temperature of the water from the garden hose was comparable to the hot water that we get inside our home heated by natural gas. I realized this labor day the sun, our largest and most obvious energy source is not being used in our lives to its maximum capabilities.

Many people across the world are installing solar hot water heating systems to offset their energy usage from traditional fossil fuels, it just makes sense, because not only does the person use the sun wisely but we create jobs in the process. The renewable energy industry can create many domestic jobs everywhere, in our rough economic times, with most American jobs being outsourced, renewable energy is an industry that can take America back to the #1 spot in terms of employee wages in relation to GDP. If you support American energy independence and domestic job growth, you must educate and help everyone around you realize the benefits of solar energy, you can use a simple example, temperature of water coming out a garden hose during a hot summer day to help people realize the potential of solar energy and the significant impact renewable energy can have in our daily lives.

Author: Deep Patel

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