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Off Grid Inverters – Modified Wave vs. Pure Sine Wave

Designing an off-grid solar power or wind turbine systems can be confusing, because of figuring out the sizing requirements of the system by conducting a load calculation off all the appliances that reside within a building. Also you have to understand the difference between Modified Wave and Pure Sine Wave inverter to figure out what type of inverter is right for your renewable energy power generation project.

Modified Sine Wave is a rough, noisy electrical signal that does not work with all appliances, although Modified Sine Wave inverters are much more affordable then their Pure Sine Wave counterparts. Have you ever heard a florescent light bulb make that annoying buzzing sound? Well that is the type of feedback you will get when running lights, computers, tvs and most other electronics on a Modified Sine Wave signal. Most electrical equipment will work but will no perform as well as pure sine wave, appliances such as microwaves will not work, laptops may power on be crash often due to the dirty signal

Pure Sine Wave is clean electricity, similar to the electricity we get from our utility company. Compatibility is the major advantage of pure sine wave because every appliance and electrical equipment is made for Pure Sine Wave signals. With this type of inverter, you will not have to guess if what you are plugging into your AC outlet will work with your solar power or wind turbine system. The advantages of clean electricity also comes with a higher price tag.

Author: Deep Patel

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