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EnergyRush.TV – Showcasing Renewable Energy Videos

Today, I spoke with an interesting individual named Paul Steinbroner founder of Energy Rush TV. Paul has been film development for many years and is focusing on getting the word out about renewable energy through video content. The Energy Rush TV team covers the future of renewable energy today. On their website you can see interesting videos of large scale solar power installations, interviews with renewable energy leaders and coverage of trade shows all through videos that are not only appealing to consumers who are shopping for solar but educational as well.

We know buying solar panels or wind power systems can be confusing and a difficult purchase, video can enhance the customers understanding of how the systems work and what to expect thus enhancing the overall customer experience of going solar. The videos found on energy rush TV are not full of technical jargon but highlight the human passion of one of the biggest revolutions of our lifetimes.

Check it out! Do you find any of their videos informative? Let me what you think!

Author: Deep Patel

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