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Energy Saving Tips from Southern California Ediosn

If your considering solar or wind power you better be thinking about energy efficiency. Most energy hogs that call in to inquire about a system that can eliminate their entire bill often end the decision making process for renewable energy with their tails between their legs because of the high upfront cost of producing their own energy. When consumers have to produce their own energy, its expensive to be inefficient, although consumers are spoon fed electricity from the utility company most do not even think about energy efficiency, typically people just pay the bill and think they have no control over the final value each month, this is a common misconception.

Southern California Edison (SCE) has released a new webpage to provide consumers tips on how they can save energy. This is especially good information for people looking to reduce the upfront cost of going solar, by implementing the tips on the utility’s website a solar power shopper could shave thousands of dollars from the final cost of a solar power system.

Author: Deep Patel

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