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Trees and solar panels don’t get along

Installing solar panels? Consider the trees around you, not just on your property but your neighbors property also. There was recently a landmark court case in which a tree blocking a neighbors solar panels, the famous solar panel vs. tree court case. Until today, according to California law solar panels have rights over trees, even if the tree was planted there first. Today, Gov. Schwarzenegger signed a law fixing the law so if that a tree was planted before solar panels came into the picture existing trees would have the right to exist over a solar panel system.

Shading can be a detrimental to the return on investment on a solar power system, so before you install your solar panels take a look at your surrounding, make sure there are not any trees that may grow and eventually put shade on your solar panels. If you have neighbors with trees, go talk to them and let them know you are considered to install solar panels, try to come to an agreement about keeping the trees trimmed so they don’t eventually grow into your sun path.

Trees and Solar Panels don’t mix like oil and water. Want to learn more about the Tree vs. Solar Panels case? Visit the URL below:

In trees vs. solar battle, old trees score a new law

Author: Deep Patel

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