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Solar Electricity provides Iraq Security.

I was reading an excellent L.A. Times article, Iraq’s electricity-starved capital turns to solar by Alexandra Zavis which highlights Iraq is embracing solar power to improve their national security. In a nation full of oil, the country is starting to see the benefits of distributed power through the use of solar panels because it providers reliable power without the constant fear of service interruption.

The Iraqi national grid does not provide enough energy to supply to local streetlights with power, thus causing a major security hazard. The absence of reliable power has been the Iraqi citizen’s major frustration of the war. The national grid cannot supply the power demand for the Iraqi people. All of Iraq’s oil to power their grid is being imported because of the country’s limted refining ability. The Iraqi government will install 5,000 bulletproof solar power streetlights to help improve the security on city streets. Many Iraqi’s as asking why the US Military and Iraqi Government cannot do more then just simple streetlights, why not fix the national grid through solar power? The US Military
blames the issue on cost.

This is a great example of how distributed electricity such as solar powered streetlights, solar panels on your home or business can provide extra security. In an age of security being crammed down our throats by the US Federal Government, why would the presidential republican front runner favor nuclear power? Nuclear Power is a centralized form of energy distribution, if one plant failed it would cause unreliability for our national grid. California is a great example, we face rolling blackout out here in the summer because everyone is running their A/Cs, thus causing grid failure and communities left without power.

Watching the news, seeing people panicking on the streets because the traffic lights and streetlights are out is not a pretty picture. This shows you how vulnerable we are as a nation because of our centralized power structure. If every home, business, traffic light, and street lamp has electricity producing solar panels we would mitigate a large risk on our national security. So to John McCain, a supporter of centralized power I say you know nothing about energy nor national security!

Author: Deep Patel

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