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One step closer to light! – Unleashing the Power of Renewable Energy

A couple months ago I wrote about an organization we’re working with called, Unleash the Power for the People a non-profit company founded by Dave McCoy from New York. The non-profit has a very special goal in mind, to help schools in developing nations that have no access to power. Dave McCoy recently flew out to the Philippines to visit the first school that will be receiving educational items and an off-grid solar power system.

The school is located in a remote area of the Philippines in a city named Banquet, it took Dave McCoy and the solar power installation team many hours to get up to the school due to the remote nature of the location.

The installation team in the Philippines, headed by Rodelio Soriano of AltenSol. Rodelio conducted a site visit to the elementary school to figure out the best spot to install the solar power system. Rodelio and AltenSol will be responsible for the off-grid solar power system installation and on-going technical support if necessary. is helping by supplying the solar panels and inverters as well as managing the project to ensure success.

Praveen Mathews of Unleash Power for the People is providing logistical support and is working directly with the Philippine General Consulate to ensure the solar panel system will have a smooth ride through customs. The great aspect of this project is that it brings many organizations together to help the elementary school improve their lifestyle significantly. We here in America take reliable electricity for granted, these children and teachers have never had access to power within their school.

Together as a team we will be catapulting the school into the 21st century and hopefully change the lives for the better for the 300 kids that attend the resource constrained school. The solar power system will allow the school to power lights, computers, a 21 inch TV and possibly some refrigeration.

With this first project getting closer to implementation, Unleash The Power for the People organization is looking to help schools in other nations by bringing renewable energy to their neighborhood. The request to start non-profit chapters in India and Africa have already started to emerge…the public really likes what this organization is doing, it is such a realistic and achievable goal Dave McCoy has set forth. Wish us the best of luck finishing our first project and moving forward continuing to grow the non-profit to new heights and help people all over the world gain an equal chance through renewable power!

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Author: Deep Patel

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