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How we’re improving the experience to buy clean energy systems

After financial reasons being the primary reason most people don’t have solar panels or wind generators for their homes or businesses, the process of producing your own energy could be confusing for many first time customers that many just give up! Buying a clean energy system is so new for most people, unlike buying shoes which Americans have done many times in their life times. Historically people never had a choice, you get an electric bill and you pay the dollar amount on the bill, no questions asked, now people have a choice and customers are overwhelmed by the choices in the market.

The understands that the process of producing your own clean green energy is much too difficult and we focus on making the experience of buying clean energy systems as easy and educational as possible.

We typically start by:

1. Together, we analyze your electric bills, to figure out your usage.

2. Figure out your energy goals and help you develop a plan to meet your goals.

3. Recommend products and services that help you reach the goals you have set for yourself.

We help you “reduce and produce” meaning not only do we teach you how to become more energy efficient but we help you produce energy as well, thus reducing the overall upfront cost of green energy. We understand that you have many questions please head over to our community in which you can leverage the experience of others to help you get to your clean energy goals.

Author: Deep Patel

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