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Day one at Intersolar

The team is at Intersolar, a major solar energy trade show taking place in San Francisco this week. One of our missions at the trade show is to provide you a sneak peak into new products that are going to change the solar energy market.

First, I’d like to talk about the concentrated solar power technology that we saw. Concentrated PV is typically applied to large scale projects, although there are some companies releasing small scale concentrated products.

The picture above shows a Sopogy concentrated parabolic through, these units are similar to ones being used in Nevada solar one, although they are called MicroCSP meaning the troughs are scaled down version. Each MircoCSP unit can produce 500watts depending on the size.
The solar panel above uses mirrors to concetrate the light to produce a greater output and lower the cost of the installed cost. This Solar Concentrated Panel was developed by a new company in the game called SolFocus. Their product line is geared to utility scale projects.

A large thin film solar panel that can be used for industrial and utility scale projects. Below are some other interesting shapshots of products we found interesting:
A standard racking system you would find on a typical residential installation.
Solar Panels that stick flat onto a roof, these panels have adhesives that mount the solar panel to the roof structure.

Author: Deep Patel

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