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SkyStream 3.7 the most popular residential wind turbine.

The Skystream 3.7 has revolutionized the residential wind power market, its so popular that even the Bush family has one at their home in Maine. What makes the Skystream 3.7 by Southwest Wind Power so different from endless selection of wind turbines in the market? Southwest Wind Power has really figured out their target market for the Skystream 3.7, the wind turbine has a built in grid connected inverter, so you can plug it right into the grid without having to buy an inverter along with the wind turbine.

The Skystream 3.7 not only has great reviews about its design but the way it operates, its very quiet compared to older wind turbine technology. Installation is a snap, you can order with or without the pole. Typically its better to source the pole locally to save on shipping costs. The 5 inch adaptor kit is an optional part to help you can order to attach the skystream 3.7 to a 5 inch pole you can locally source.

The amount of electricity you will produce from the 1.8 kW (kilowatt) skystream depends on your the average wind speeds in your area. The chart below shows an excellent diagram on the expected monthly kWh (kilowatt hour) a skystream 3.7 will produce for you.

To get started with the skystream 3.7, first let your neighbors know your installing one. You may need to file for a building permit with your city and register with your electric company to connect the turbine to the grid.

Author: Deep Patel

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