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Home Energy Expenese are Increasing Fast!

According to the July 2008 issue of Money Magazine, Home Energy takes up 4% of the average American’s household budget. Not only have the price of gas went up, the price of Home Energy has gone up 9% compared to a year ago. As the global demand for energy increases do to developing countries hungry for energy the prices will continue to skyrocket, eating up more of the household budget each year.

There are many ways to get take control of your home energy expenses. The significant expenses on our energy costs rack up simply because we are inefficient. Energy has been cheap and abundant, therefore most people have not thought about efficency till now.

Conducting a self energy audit is a great way to start learning about your usage, has a great web application to help you conduct a do-it-yourself energy audit.

Becoming more efficient in the way we use energy is the first step in becomming energy independent. You can do the following to help reduce your usage:

1. Replace old light bulbs with LED Bulbs

2. Find and kill vampire loads – appliances that use electricity when when you are not using them.

3. seal up your house, use quality insulation to effectively cool and heat your home.

After you reduce your energy usage then think about producing your own electricity through grid tied solar panels or wind turbines. Combining energy efficency and production will help you maximize on your clean energy system and reducing your upfront cost to eliminate the majority of your electric bill through solar or wind power.

Author: Deep Patel

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