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Hindu temple and community center sets the bar for sustainability.

Every month we highlight an interesting solar power, energy efficiency project that is making a positive impact on our community. The BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir (Hindu Temple) and Cultural Center in Chino Hills, CA is scheduled to open in Summer 2008. The organization is leading the way in sustainability, solar power and energy efficiency, in other words, they’re “going green” in a big way. By understanding and being responsible for their environmental impact the leaders of the BAPS project have been key drivers in campaigning a solar power system for their electrical needs.

The proposed 60kW (kilowatt) grid-tied solar power system by will not only help the mandir and community center reach its energy goals but it will help the local community by sending extra power generated back into gird, this will alleviate the pressure on the utility company serving the area during peak electrical usage. From an environmental perspective solar panels over a 25 year span will reduce 1,556 TONS of CO2 emissions (green house gasses), which is the equivalent to planting 62,244 trees!

In addition to producing their own clean green electricity the organization has taken steps to reduce their electric usage by installing solar tube lighting, similar to a natural lighting systems. The solar tube lights harness the sun’s light and concentrates it into a room, therefore eliminating the use of a light bulbs during the day. It’s important for consumers who are shopping for solar power to consider ways to reduce their electrical usage first, because it can significantly improves the investment on your solar power system. Combining solar tube lighting (reducing usage) and installing a solar power system (producing electricity) go hand in hand giving the organization the ability to “reduce and produce” which enables maximum use of the solar power system.

BAPS like many organizations participated in Earth Day 2008 this year by planting trees in the Chino Hills area in effort to promote environmental awareness; over 30 youth volunteers helped plant 134 trees for the city. BAPS environmental efforts not only transpire annually on Earth Day…they start at home…their 22 acre religious complex will bring over 25,000 plants and some 400 species of trees which will contribute to better air quality in the local area.

The amazing aspect of this organization is the entire goodwill operation is supported by volunteers and donations. BAPS needs your support to continue its positive impact on our environment, please click on the button below to support solar power and help a very great organization lead the way to a cleaner, greener, sustainable world.

This project is a great example of the responsibility we can take to improve our environment. Projects like these inspire other organizations around the globe in an escalating effort to not only consider solar power but a more environmental-friendly lifestyle. By supporting BAPS to acquire a solar power system you not only help a great organization reach the high standards they set, but you become part of a community of people who push solar power mainstream, an important solution to our global energy crisis.

To find out more about the BAPS Chino Hills Hindu Mandir and Cultural Complex and to support its journey on improving our community and environment please click the icon below.

Author: Deep Patel

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  1. Setting the Standard for generations to come… I applaud the organization for this initiative, helping the World become a better place!

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  2. pranav,

    yes, the “young” people of the world, the future generations need to take control of their future. BAPS is a great organization that has realized the importance of sustainability is a pushing forward with young leadership determined to make a positive impact.

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