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City aims to make solar power more affordable for residents

The city of Tucson in Arizona is trying to finance the upfront costs of solar power through long term interest loans paid back through property taxes. Similar to a successful program in Berkley, CA in which the city made residential solar power possible for its citizens.

Unfortunately Arizona Law does not allow for these type of loans to be paid through property taxes and is causing a headache for the city council to push through. Councilman Steve Leal, stated he’s not giving up on Tucson’s version of a plan pioneered in Berkeley, Calif.

Purchasing solar power is requires a large investment upfront for most people to eliminate their bill, even when half the cost is covered by rebates and tax credits. When the city steps in and helps the citizens it not only stimulates the local economy but helps the city become energy independent.

Its great to see all the grassroots, local government supporting solar even though the federal government isn’t supporting solar power as much as they should.

Author: Deep Patel

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