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SF offers over-the-counter wind turbine permits

This month it has become easier to deploy your own residential / light commercial wind turbine in the city of San Fransisco because of the open market permitting became final by the city’s building and planning department, the Mayor of SF fully supported the proposition and put together a task force to update the city’s building code to allow wind turbines such as the skystream 3.7 onto private properties. SF is really leading the space in the solar power market and is now supporting wind power big time. SF has taken one of the most difficult steps in installing a small scale wind turbine, the permitting process into a simple one through over the counter permits. This should encourage small scale wind power development across the city! More cities need to follow the lead of SF, they are the leading city in the USA when it comes to renewable energy power generation. The goal of every city should be to make the permitting process easier for solar power and wind turbines if distributed power generation can get some solid traction in the mainstream market. A lot of cities out there claim to be “green” also known as green wash, because when a resident or business tries to install a solar or wind power generator they have to jump through hoops to get a final permit. Does anyone have story dealing with your permitting process with your city when installing solar power or a wind turbine? Please...

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It’s not all about the wind generator, think about the pole!

You don’t want to put a solar panels in the shade, just like you don’t want to put a wind generator on a short pole. Wind Generators perform better the higher they are up in the air, therefore a taller pole the more you electricity you will produce. A taller pole may lead to a faster return because you can catch more wind but it also leads to a higher upfront cost for the pole. According to wind power experts in a Homepower magazine article, “How Tall is Too Tall” a wind turbine’s blades should at least be 30 feet above the tallest object within a 500 feet radius of the wind power system. The pole and the wind generator itself must be sat securely because this can make a huge difference in making or breaking your return on investment. A wind power system with a weak foundation in a high wind area will not outperform a wind power system in an area with medium wind speeds with a solid foundation. A taller pole can raise maintenance costs and may cause issues acquiring building permits if your home or business is close to other structures. Also if you have neighbors near by, they maybe worried about the aesthetics if the pole / tower is too...

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The Pickens Plan – wind power for america

T. Boone Pickens, a very successful American business man who made his fortunes in the oil & gas industries is working with GE Wind Power to invest and deploy large scale wind power farms. They call it the Pickens Plan, it’s specifically geared to attack the 700 billion dollars that is leaving the USA every year to foreign oil. Pickens claims by creating a network of wind turbines, we can break free from foreign oil and keep the energy security of America safe. The USA has an abundance of wind power resources, the US is the Saudi Arabia of wind power resources. According to wind power data, the Great Plains states are home to the greatest wind energy potential in the world! The plan calls for heavy investmet in wind power farms and cars that run on natural gas (which I think is a bad idea) Pickens Plans Pros: cleaner greener energy create more jobs and revive rural America a step in the right direction to get us off foreign oil. Pickens Plans Cons: the plan calls for natural gas as a fuel source for cars Wind power farms are a form of centralized energy (keeps the production out of the hands of the people) So what do you think? how can the plan be...

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Energy sources and The Grand Paradigm Shift

One of things came to my mind recently is what this renewable energy tipping point we are at is all about. It is about shifting out paradigm, the way we thing about energy. Paradigm shift is absolutely necessary for any serious change in our lifestyle and new ways energy distribution is definitely one of them. Look at old energy distribution to end consumers: it is centralized. Nuclear plants, oil refineries, any other way of collecting energy widely used these days around the world is pretty much centralized. This causes huge loses on transportation. But even worse, it causes greater dependence on providers than it could be with decentralized organization. Solar panels, wind turbines, building-integrated PV panels and other smaller energy sources decentralize the system and makes us less dependent on specific supplier (which is in case of Western world is governments and their agreements with Middle Asian partners). So far in the US rapid growth of clean energy usage is slowed by variety of legislations that are very good for those having a stake in oil and nuclear plants business. And some people even think it is ok. They refuse to shift paradigm. But time will change this. Just how telephones and Internet did. You already can charge your iPod outdoors not having an access to outlet. And our future generation is where iPods are, right? Decentralization means control to more people. Control to more people means less corruption and speculation. Decentralization first came with Internet invention in 1980s and continues to spread. It changes our lifestyle slowly. Don’t worry about this paradigm shift. This is only good for...

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SkyStream 3.7 the most popular residential wind turbine.

The Skystream 3.7 has revolutionized the residential wind power market, its so popular that even the Bush family has one at their home in Maine. What makes the Skystream 3.7 by Southwest Wind Power so different from endless selection of wind turbines in the market? Southwest Wind Power has really figured out their target market for the Skystream 3.7, the wind turbine has a built in grid connected inverter, so you can plug it right into the grid without having to buy an inverter along with the wind turbine. The Skystream 3.7 not only has great reviews about its design but the way it operates, its very quiet compared to older wind turbine technology. Installation is a snap, you can order with or without the pole. Typically its better to source the pole locally to save on shipping costs. The 5 inch adaptor kit is an optional part to help you can order to attach the skystream 3.7 to a 5 inch pole you can locally source. The amount of electricity you will produce from the 1.8 kW (kilowatt) skystream depends on your the average wind speeds in your area. The chart below shows an excellent diagram on the expected monthly kWh (kilowatt hour) a skystream 3.7 will produce for you. To get started with the skystream 3.7, first let your neighbors know your installing one. You may need to file for a building permit with your city and register with your electric company to connect the turbine to the...

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