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Energy efficiency or conservation? What’s more affordable?

I had a chance to think about the difference between energy efficiency and energy conservation today. These terms are showing up more often these days because more people want to reduce their impact on the environment but I don’t think many people understand the difference between the terms. An example of energy efficiency would be if you changed your light bulbs from incandescent bulbs to LED bulbs or upgrading your insulation, you have to buy products to become more energy efficient. On the other hand, energy conservation is making lifestyle changes to use less energy all together. For example, turning off the lights when you leave a room, adjusting your thermostat, being aware of your energy usage in general and making adjustments in your lifestyle to save energy. To save money on your energy bills without any investment in solar panels, wind turbines or energy efficiency products, think about energy conservation since it’s something we can all do if we set good energy habits. Here in the USA, most of us have grown up with very reliable and abundant electrical service, so its easy to get into the habit of wasting energy, don’t you agree? What have you done to become more energy efficient or have you came up with a creative method to conserve...

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SolarFeeds @ Solar Innovations & Investment

Scott Weitzman of was keeping me updated about some of the interesting information he learned about the solar power industry at the Solar Innovations & Investment conference going on in New York today and tomorrow. According to Scott, many stock analysts are looking bearish on solar stocks. Do you agree with the analysts? The financial markets have also hit the solar business and since prices of solar panels will fall next year, the industry is predicted to make less margins per transaction, possibly squeezing the smaller solar companies out of business. What’s your opinon? Investment bankers think there will be less solar IPOs in the short term because of our current economic conditions. What do you think? With all the doom and gloom, will that stop customers from buying solar power systems next year? I think many people and companies will install solar panels, wind turbines because they will be a safer investment then the stock market itself. Will money from people’s sinking 401ks end up going into a more safe investment, such as clean energy systems on roof...

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More people are installing solar panels and wind turbines

According to an article, titled “Private wind power, solar pan use grows“ by Andrew Ostroski a staff writer for Del Marva Now states that more private residences are turning their homes into power plants through solar panel and wind power technology. Andrew states that renewable energy in Del Marva, a coastal community is becoming a more popular option for homes. Solar Panels and Wind turbines are showing up around the city, although home owners still had a challenge installing wind turbines due to city zoning law. The article interviews a couple of Del Marva residents who have either installed wind power systems or solar panels on their property and the most interesting interview note was the fact that a resident points out that there is a common misconception about wind turbines being noisy, although the resident points out that small scale wind turbines are often more silent then air conditioners. I think in 2009, since the US federal government removed the $2,000 cap on residential solar power system installations, we’ll finally see more private residences right here in the USA with renewable energy...

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Energy Savers Love the SkyStream 3.7

According to an article titled, “Wind turbines smart choice, energy savers” by Danie M. Huffman of the Weatherford Democrat a man named Curtis Kelly got sick of his high electric bills and decided to invest in a Skystream 3.7 to offset this dependence on the utility grid and lower his monthly bill. Kelly has paid up to $340 per month for his electric service and wit the Skystream 3.7 he could see a reduction of $80 – $120 dollars per month on his bill depending on the wind speeds he receives that month. The SkyStream 3.7, developed jointly with the US Department of Energy is one of the most reliable grid interactive small scale wind turbines on the market and the payback period can range from 5 to 7 years. The wind turbine makes most financial sense when there is an average wind speed of at least 10MPH. Many companies claim that the SkyStream 3.7 can eliminate a customers entire electric bill, although most likely it will just reduce consumption because most customers use a lot of energy, and it would take more than one SkyStream 3.7 to eliminate a bill. Kelly chose the SkyStream 3.7 because of the built in inverter, that turns the DC power into AC electricity that is used by most appliances and the quite nature of the wind turbine itself made the SkyStream 3.7 stand out as he was making his decision on which turbine to go with. The longest part of the installation is pouring the concrete base and allowing it to cure for two to four weeks, the wind turbine itself can be put up within a day. There are customers who are comfortable installing the SkyStream 3.7 on a Do-It-Yourself basis while others require a professional to help them with the installation similar to Kelly. What do you think about small scale wind power? Do you think they are a feasible option for the common American to reduce their dependence on the grid? Please...

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To Our Leaders: Give Us 100% Clean Electricity in 10 Years

The oil & coal industry spent 427 billion dollars in the first half of 2008 on lobbying and advertising their products and services! Talk about some aggressive marketing…and we wonder why America is addicted to oil! Today have the technology to not power our home, business and cars off of solar panels and wind turbines but we can power our lives, every aspect through renewable energy. is running the commercial above on TV, but they need your help by letting other people watch this video in call for action to our leaders to make a real change toward renewable energy and off of foreign oil within 10 years. Big energy can outspend us, but if we can still win by creating a strong viral message that demands the change towards clean energy and delivers the message of freedom to the footsteps of congress’ door. Please support renewable energy by passing on this...

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