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5 aspects to consider besides price when shopping for solar or wind power

Many consumers think its all about price when making a decision when buying a solar panel or wind power system, although that is concept is far from reality. When investing in renewable energy equipment, you’re making a long term investment therefore the consumer should look for the best overall value in their purchase rather than comparing quotes based on price soley. Aspects you should consider before purchasing: 1. what is the warranty on the products? 2. Is there post sales technical support? 3. Does the company mention permitting and interconnection agreements (if grid-tied) 4. How is the level of service? Does the company respond to my request quickly? 5. Does the company have a return policy? If you ask the questions above, you’ll be able to save money in the long run by getting a better overall value and acutally succeed in installing the equipment properly. I’ve seen many times consumer purchase a system and it ends up sitting in the garage because they have no support or help from the company they purchased their products from. We make the process of going solar easy at and deliver a valuable experience for the people who choose to establish relationships with...

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