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Top 10 Vampire Loads to Kill

It’s too bad you can’t kill vampires that feed off your electric bill with a wooden stake through the heart. Vampires also known as phantom loads are electrical devices that consume power even when they are turned off. Vampires are small loads that consume power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The constant consumption adds up to significant amounts on your monthly electric bill. Solar Power best practices recommends you should become more energy efficient before installing solar panels, to get the maximum benefit out of your solar electric system. You can use a smart power strip to kill the following top 10 vampire loads: 10. Video Game Console9. Radio8. Cordless Phone7. Answering Machine6. Microwave5. TV4. VCR3. Dishwasher2. Cable TV Box1. Home Security System Vampire Loads are costing U.S. consumers 3 billion dollars per year! Unbelievable, isn’t it? How much is it costing you? Have you came up with any interesting ways to kill your vampire loads? If US consumers set a goal to reduce their vampire loads this year, it would be one massive economic stimulus, wouldn’t you...

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Home Energy Saver

Home Energy Saver, A U.S. government resource to help home owners learn about energy efficiency. The website specifically compares the energy usage of an average home (base on your zip code) to an efficient home in your area. Typed in my zip code of 91791, and the results where shocking, the average home in my zip code pays $1,314 a year on energy, an energy efficient home in my area pays only $899 a year, which is a savings of $415 this year. Energy is has an inflation rate of 6% a year, so those potential savings will increase each and every year! Try it out for yourself, you might find the results very interesting: So how can you make your home more energy efficient? There are a ton of ways to become more energy efficient for a no or little upfront cost, below are a couple low cost methods: Keep an eye on your vampire loads (unplug appliances you are not using that are plunged in) Buy some LED light bulbs, these will not only last over 10 years longer than incandescents or CFLS , they are environmentally friendly since there is no mercury like CFLs and are the blubs that suck the least amount of electricity each year. For more information on products that can help your home become more energy efficient....

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