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install unisolar pvl laminate on a metal roof

I’ve had a couple people ask me how to install Uni-Solar’s flexible thin film laminate PVL product line on a metal roof. The unique part of Uni-Solar PVL product is it can be bonded directly to a metal roof between the ridges. Traditional solar panels would need racking and mounting components that are not required with a uni-solar PVL installation, therefore installing the laminate reduces balance of system costs. Also these thin film laminates are extremely durable since they are not made of glass like traditional solar panels. I think the uni-solar product line works well when you have a lot of surface area to work with, aesthetics is a major concern in the project, or have a shady/cloudy project since thin film solar panels perform better than crystalline solar panels in those conditions. The video below is a good overview of how these unique thin film solar panels can be installed on a metal roof. What do you think about the uni-solar PVL thin film flexible solar...

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premium roofs with a hidden talent

There are many homeowners with clay roofs that want to harness the power of the sun to generate clean electricity but don’t want to install bulky solar panels on their premium roofs. SRS Energy is offering a product called Solé Power Tile which integrates seamlessly with traditional US Tile’s clay tiles to maintain the depth and aesthetics of a sophisticated roofline while infused with solar photovoltaic technology. The Solé Power Tiles are UL listed and uses flexible solar cells manufactured by Uni-Solar, a leading developer of thin film solar cells. Thin film solar cells perform better in higher temperatures and low diffused light compared to standard crystalline based solar panels. The Solé Power Tiles have been tested under harsh conditions for durability, including UV stability, color fastness, wind resistance, electrical output, safety, and extreme mechanical stresses. The tiles install just like traditional roofing, but are even lighter than their ceramic counterparts. Each Solé Power Tile is 37.4 inches wide and 18 inches long. 30 tiles, weighing 240 pounds can fit in a 100 square foot surface area. The tiles can generate 500 watts per 100 square feet. What do you think about Solé Power Tiles? Do you think more homeowners would adopt solar photovoltaic if it can be integrated right into the...

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