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a smarter solar panel

Traditional solar panels are extremely sensitive to even the smallest amount of shade and mismatch. Typically solar panels must be properly matched and balanced in a string although tenKsolar has developed a new breed of “smart” solar panels that’s not only improving photovoltaic performance and but making them easier to install. Based on their propriety RAIS (redundant array of integrating solar) technology the smarter solar panel has no single point of failure. Most traditional solar panels have a number of single points of failures which include a spot of shade, a short, or physical damage to in one place will dramatically drop the energy output of the whole panel. tenKsolar’s solar panels designed with RIAS technology are completely redundant, meaning they’re not bothered by a little shade and if part of the panel should somehow be damaged, the rest of it operates as it should, no single point failure! That’s why the folks over at tenKsolar call their product smarter than the average solar panel. Also there are a couple features that increase the ease of installation. First the tenKsolar panels are universal and self balancing therefore mixing these solar panels into an array of other model solar panels will not result in mismatch. The tenKsolar product increases saftey because of it’s low voltage output and their unique ability to not generate any power until they’re connected to a load. Traditional solar panels always put out power when the sun shines on them. This makes tenKsolar panels far safer and easier to work with during installation. What do you think about tenKsolar...

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