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we’re selected as a Twiistup 5 finalist

Twiistup is Southern California’s most anticipated technology event that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and media from various technology backgrounds. This year more than 100 companies applied to show off their company at the popular event. Today the distinguished judges of the competition announced that they have narrowed down the applicants to 10 finalists which includes our company, On February 12th, 2009 the tech community will get together to celebrate the best new companies. On the day of the event, the judges and attendees will select one winner to determine the best out of selected finalist. We’re really excited about being selected as a finalist at this event because it proves we have made tremendous improvement in our business over the years and the event will give a platform to get our company’s name out to more people which will help us reach our goal of helping even more people get started with renewable energy. I think since twiistup is a mainstream event, and the fact that a company like ours, which focuses on using the Internet to further the adoption of renewable energy was selected as a finalist shows that people in general are more interested in green energy these days, wouldn’t you...

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