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Meet the ElectraWall by Solaroad

The ElectraWall by Solaroad Technologies is a very unique product that collects and stores energy from various outdoor locations. The system is completely self contained and has a built in battery storage capability. Made out of recycled materials the ElectraWall’s versatile design allows the product to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. Road and highway are an untapped source of power as they continuously collect heat and light from the sun. The ElectraWall will take advantage of collecting this lost energy, and will be installed by clipping on top of highway barrier walls, light poles and parking garages. The ElectraWall’s photovoltaic system features a cylindrical design that is not dependent on the sun’s angle of incidence, therefore does not require direct sunlight to harvest energy. These units can be used as backup generators since they have storage capacity built right into the...

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