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Sanyo Solar Electric creating green jobs in America.

Sanyo Electric is planning to expand it’s manufacturing capacity by investing in a solar wafers facility in Salem, Oregon. From Oregon the solar wafers will be shipped to Japan to be made into solar cells and finally will be shipped to factories within Japan or Mexico and Hungry for the final step of turning solar cells into sanyo high efficency solar panels. Sanyo expects to invest 80 million dollars into the solar wafer factory which will create 200 “green jobs” here right in America! Sanyo has been expanding its solar power business to keep up with the demand in the market for solar panels. The company is also considering to expand it’s operations in Mexico and Hungry. Solar Wafers are silicon sheets that are cut into solar cells, According to a statement by Sanyo, Full capacity of 70 megawatts (MW) worth of wafers per year will be reached by April...

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