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Bob’s Solar Project

I ran into a very interesting blog called, “Bob’s Solar Project” which documents the process of installing Unisolar solar roofing shingles on a Michigan home. Bob uses an off-grid system, therefore his setup includes a battery bank. This blog is great because Bob covers everything from the purchasing of the materials, installation and even shows a chart of his yearly production! Bob deserves the highest recognition for not only installing his own system, but sharing with the world how he did it! The blog has not beed updated in a couple years, but the information there about his solar power installation is very relavant today. The solar power system setup includes: 84 Unisolar SHR-17 shingles (1428 watts) Outback MX60 maximum power point tracking charge controller Outback FX2548 2500 watt, 48 volt inverter 8 Rolls-Surrette S-530 deep-cycle solar batteries (530 AH) More information at Bob’s Blog, Check it...

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The truth about solar shingles.

Consumers often ask about solar shingles, typically solar shingles have a higher cost per watt than solar panels. The shingles are typically black in color so they still do stand out on a roof although some people like solar shingles better than solar panels. The downside to shingles are that they don’t produce as much power as solar panels do. Solar Panel are more efficient than shingles thus making solar panels a better value. Solar Shingles don’t have the long track records in durability like a solar panel does. There are Solar Panels still in operation today from the 1970s, Solar Panels are a proven application of solar power with solar shingles the lifetime of the product may not be as reliable as a solar...

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