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looking for solar panel rebates?

DSIRE (database of state incentives for renewable energy), a website dedicated to display rebates, incentives and tax credits for consumers who produce energy from renewable resources. Recently DESIRE released a new website dedicated completely to highlight financial incentives for consumers who install solar energy systems. Its simple to search for solar rebates for both photovoltaics (solar electricity) and solar thermal (solar hot water and space heating) by using the state-by-state map. The website is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Energy Technology Program, to help consumers find the information they need to make effiective invesment decisions into solar energy systems. If your’re wondering how much the governement will pay you to install solar panels, you got to start your research on DSIRE Solar. check it out:...

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Colorado electric coop offers rebates for solar panels

Generally speaking electric cooperatives don’t typically offer solar rebates. Although San Miguel Power Association, Inc. (SMPA) which serves more than 12,500 meters in Colorado counties of San Miguel, Montrose, Ouray, Dolores, Mesa, San Juan and Hinsdale has recently launched a solar rebate program. Solar electric systems that are installed after after Feb. 2, 2009 will be eligible for a rebate, The New Community Coalition, the administrator of the rebate program is waiting for homes and businesses to apply and lock in their rebates today, the program is in full force. Customers who apply for the rebate reservation have 90 days to get their solar electric system up and running. What makes the program different from other solar rebate programs around the nation is that homeowners who want free money for installing solar panels must conduct a home energy audit to become more energy efficient before they can apply for the solar rebate program. That’s an interesting idea to encourage people to “reduce consumption before producing clean energy”, which is the most cost effective method to lower your energy expenses. If you’re a member of SMPA your solar electric system must be installed and operational by June 19, 2009 for you to secure your solar electric rebate, once the installation is complete and your documents are submitted SMPA will send you a check. It’s unclear how much SMPA is going to give you per watt of solar power you install, does any have details on this the SMPA solar rebate program in Colorado, please...

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Oncor opens the flood gates on solar rebates

Oncor, an electric company that serves Texas launched their “Take A Load Off, Texas” solar rebate program to motivate homes and businesses to embrace solar panels. Oncor’ generous rebate of $2.46 per DC watt up to a maximum of $24,600 for homes and and up to $246,000 for commercial and public projects will stimulate the local economy due to the surge of demand for solar panel installations. The program is funded with 16 million dollars and will run for four years, Oncor expects to have 1,400 solar power systems installed by the end of their solar rebate program. Last time I posted about Oncor’s solar rebate program, a couple community members found out that Oncor does not extend the rebate to owner installed systems, the solar power systems would have to be installed by a solar contractor that is approved by Oncor. Later this year Oncor will also offer more incentives for energy efficiency, they’re on track to becoming the most aggressive electric company in Texas promoting energy efficiency and clean power. I say its about time, since Texas has above the national average electric rates and plenty of solar irradiation. What do you think about Oncor kicking off “Take A Load Off, Texas” rebate...

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Confessions of a Solar Electric System Owner

Recently, Pyccku , a well respected member of the TreeHugger forums installed a solar electric system on his home and documented the progress on his blog. We discussed that it would be beneficial to share his experience installing solar panels, so his experience can help others decide if solar power systems energize their lifestyles. Check out the Questions & Answers session below: Q: What made you first gain interest in solar panels? A: When we saw gas prices go up, we realized that energy costs are only going to go up, not down. We also hated that here in AZ there was so much energy coming from the sun, but hardly anyone tapping into it. So we did the calculations and found that even if the cost of energy stays constant, over the next 25 years our electric bill would add up to more than the cost of the solar. Q: How much are you saving per month? A: We haven’t gotten our first bill – but our average pre-solar bill was $165 on the equalizer plan (same amount year-round). We are anticipating having no bill for 8-10 months out of the year and only a minimal bill in the hottest summer months. Q: How long did it take to install the solar panels? A: Once they had the permits it took a little over a week for the whole project. The panels, inverters and wiring only took a couple of days. But we built an addition to our patio to put the panels on, so that added some extra time. Q: Was it difficult to find a solar panel installer? A: No, there are several here in Phoenix. Q: How much were paying originally for electricity? A: $165 per month. Q: Did you have to move out of the house to have them installed? A: No. We didn’t even have to be home for them to do any of the work! Q: How many solar panels do you have? A: 36 Q: Do your solar panels power your entire house? A: During most of the year, yes. During the summer we’ll probably need some power from the grid because of the heavy a/c use. Q: Did your electric spinning backwards once they were installed? A: The meter itself doesn’t spin backwards. It does keep track of how many kWh we take from the grid, and how many hours we give to the grid. Then the power company does the math and credits us for any excess. Right now, since we aren’t using much power at all, we are only using 10kWh/day, and we are giving 15kWh/day to APS....

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Oncor Electric Delivery to offer Rebates for Solar

Oncor is a regulated electric distribution and transmission business that provides electricity delivery to consumers. Oncor operates the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas, providing power to 3 million electric delivery points over more than 102,000 miles of distribution and 14,000 miles of transmission lines. Today the company revealed details of a plan to promote solar power to its customers by offering incentives to install solar panels that produce electricity. Oncor will pay up to $2.46 per watt for residential customers to install a solar electric system up to 10 kilowatts (kW)….that’s a significant rebate! Consumers will be able to Oncor will be opening up applications to their rebate program on December 1st and they expect 200 homes and 10 businesses to be part of the solar power installation rebate program moving forward in 2009. So if your an Oncor customer and want to install solar panels and get money back for going green, make sure to mark your calender to apply on December...

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