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Solarphire PV glass

The team at PPG Industries is quite confident in their new Solarphire PV glass, a new type of solar panel that boasts higher efficiencies than crystalline solar panels. According to the company the proprietary glass formulation gives Solarphire PV glass an enhanced ability to capture the sun’s ultraviolet spectrum between 350 and 1100 nanometers, in which traditional silicon based solar cells are not as responsive. From the picture the solar panel looks very similar to a crystalline solar panel, it dose not look like the solar pv glass I wrote about in the past. PPG Industries is not a familiar brand in the solar power industry since the company is originally a glass & high performance coating company that is now making “glass based solar panels”, pretty interesting don’t you agree? I’m not convinced yet about the ability of the new solar glass, I went on PPG Energy’s website and didn’t find much information about their game changing technology. What do you...

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