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Sanyo Introduces New HIT Solar Panel

Sanyo Energy a leader in manufacturing high efficiency solar panels released a new Power Series solar panel featuring Sanyo’s HIT technology. The new technological improvements includes higher light to electricity conversion efficiency, less vulnerability to high temperatures and improved solar panel construction make the Sanyo HIT power panels among the most efficient solar panels out on the market today. According to Yoshinori Kaido, Vice President of Sanyo’s Solar Division, “With the new HIT Power® series, we will be able to provide more solar power generation per square foot, and flexibility in varying environments, including areas with high monthly average temperatures. With a more robust design and other improvements, such as adaptations to allow easier and cleaner installation, the new series will benefit any involved in the installation, especially people in areas with performance based incentives, renewable energy credits and those seeking a quick return on their investment.” The acronym HIT stands for Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin-layer, the Sanyo solar cells are hybrid made up of single crystalline silicon wafers surrounded by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers, this unique structure of the solar cell produces highly efficient solar cells capable of reaching 22.3% light conversion efficiency. Customers generate more watts per square foot when they choose Sanyo solar panels. The new HIT Power Series limited warranty has been upgraded from 2 to 5 years! Sanyo HIT Solar panels also perform 10% better compared to other panels in temperatures over 75 degrees, thus generating more kWh (kilowatt hours) year round in warmer geographical locations.SANYO’s HIT Power series new features: Improved performance in hot temperature areas Easier installation More robust with new frame structure Dual ground hole options New wire management features Additional mounting holes 5 year limited product workmanship warranty Higher solar panel efficiency Increased static load capability of 60PSF MC4 locking connectors for added safety USE2 cables with more insulation for added safety Frame height permitting interchangeable...

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Meet the ElectraWall by Solaroad

The ElectraWall by Solaroad Technologies is a very unique product that collects and stores energy from various outdoor locations. The system is completely self contained and has a built in battery storage capability. Made out of recycled materials the ElectraWall’s versatile design allows the product to be applied to a wide variety of surfaces. Road and highway are an untapped source of power as they continuously collect heat and light from the sun. The ElectraWall will take advantage of collecting this lost energy, and will be installed by clipping on top of highway barrier walls, light poles and parking garages. The ElectraWall’s photovoltaic system features a cylindrical design that is not dependent on the sun’s angle of incidence, therefore does not require direct sunlight to harvest energy. These units can be used as backup generators since they have storage capacity built right into the...

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Suprise drops solar panel permitting fees

Across America, before you can install solar panels to heat your water or generate clean electricity most likely you will have to file a building permit with your city. The city of Surprise in the greater Phoenix took a bold move to encourage more homes and businesses to seize control of their own energy future. The city council voted unanimously on Thursday night t0 drop all fees related to procuring permits for residents who are installing solar panels to produce electricity or heat water. Typically the city charged 5 for a building permit to build your own power plant. “The mayor and council gave clear direction that solar is a key element in our sustainability commitment. This ordinance is a useful tool in encouraging more people to adopt solar by helping to lower the up front costs.,” said Community Development Director Jeff Mihelich. This is a great sign of the general acceptance of solar energy as a priority on the local level of government. I think more people are realizing that energy is becoming a limited resource and people understand the USA has occupied Iraq for energy reasons. The cities are doing their part to reduce the upfront costs of going solar. Even though the permits are just a small percentage of the total cost of a system every little counts when you remove the barriers to generate green energy. We hope every city across America removes this annoying barrier onto top of the already confusing process of going solar. It seems like renewable energy is going mainstream through local grassroots movement towards clean energy...

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Sanyo releases test results of thinner HIT solar cells

Sanyo Solar Electric released test results of the 85 micrometer-thick solar cell. Sanyo claims their HIT solar cell reached an efficiency of 21.4% at a thickness of 85 micrometer-thick. According to the company when the thickness of the HIT solar cell was reduced the drop in the conversion efficiency was limited because the open circuit voltage rose. Typically Sanyo HIT Solar Panels have an efficiency of 22.3% This test shows that Sanyo is trying to develop a thinner version of the HIT solar cell while balancing high efficiency. Sanyo Solar panels are highly regarded as highly efficient solar panels and are preferred in the residential and light commercial market in which southern roof space may be limited and since highly efficient solar panels produce more watts per square foot, receive a larger rebate and break even faster these types of solar panels make a good choice when considering multiple brand of solar...

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Berkeley Helps Residents Go Solar

Berkeley City Council approved a measure that would establish a “sustainable financing district” which gives loans to property owners in the city to install grid tied solar power systems on their homes. Property owners have the option to join a special tax district in which the resident can get a loan from the city up to ,000 to retrofit their home with solar panels. The property owner would pay back the loan through an increase in their property taxes over 20 years. Residents would pay an extra $182 dollars a month at an interest rate of 6.75%. If electric rates continue to rise at some point the resident would saving more on their electric bill then they are paying monthly to repay the loan back through their property taxes. This is the first city in the nation that is offering a solar financing program to their residents, its really a ground breaking achievement towards local community based solar power. Berkeley is committed to reduce the greenhouse gases the city contributes to the environment. The pilot program will involve 50 homes although the City of Berkeley is still working to find a lender to help them finance the initiative. Cities around the globe are watching the city to see how the program plays out. I really hope Berkeley finds a lender, with the financial markets in term oil it’s going to be difficult to get a lender to participate, although on the other hand there are many investors looking to diversify their portfolios into green energy. I have to applaud the city for leading and bleeding and taking risk to push solar power into the mainstream by making it more affordable. What do you think, will they be able to raise the financing to pull off the solar energy loan...

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